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Grace. A few years ago, on a 105° day in the sweltering heat of Haiti, I sat on the porch and discussed eternal security with a group of pastors. You may not even know what that phrase means, they didn’t know what that phrase meant. Eternally secure means that when Jesus has saved you-that means forever. One of my friends asked, “Lee, what if they

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What Fear Won’t Tell You

I left the notecard sitting on the counter because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the words on it. A friend challenged me to write out the fear that had its hook in my soul. She wanted me to name that lie, stop letting it dance in the shadows of my mind and confront it with something even more powerful: the truth of God’s Word. I left the card

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  The Mama Bear thing. Yeah, that’s real, isn’t it? When my oldest was born, we did things by the book. In fact, I had my first sip of caffeine in 9 months about thirty minutes after delivery, chased by a slice of deluxe pizza. When our pediatrician said to wait to introduce a food group, I was compliant. If that pacifier hit the ground for an

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