The time has arrived, praying friends.  I leave on Friday with our team for all that God has in store.  Haiti or bust, I say!  I’m including a rough schedule of our time and would ask that you pray daily if you feel so led. 

Would you pray that I would proclaim the Gospel and the message that the Lord has given me BOLDLY as I should?  AND for an OUTPOURING of the Spirit upon us all.  Do your work, precious Lord.

Pray for smooth transitions and a good relationship with the translators who will be helping us share this truth!

Pray for eyes to see and ears to hear.  I have much to learn in Haiti.

Protection.  Our schedule to be His.  Team relationships and dynamics.  My kids and husband at home.  Logistics.  Back road safety.  Divine appointments. Now that I’ve begun I hardly know where to stop. 

Haiti Trip Schedule

Friday (Jan 4)- Kiss our loved ones, hop on a plane and arrive in Haiti

Saturday- Settle and visit some well- known ministry centers and in the afternoon we will host the pastors and deacon wives at the mission for dinner.  Please pray that this will be a time of encouragement and refreshment for them.

Sunday- Church Services
Monday- Teaching Conferences- I will be doing 4 Bible Teachings while the rest our group is busy with more bible classes, medical clinics, sewing classes, and life skills workshops. Lunch feeding for the women attendees. (I believe this will be outside PAP)

Tuesday- Feeding in a rural school and there will be a small Bible teaching for them.

Wednesday-  Teaching Conference and lunch(4 sessions)- same lesson and workshops as Monday, but this time in PAP.

Thursday- Medical clinic and food distribution in a rural location.

Friday- Third Teaching Conference and lunch (4 sessions)

Saturday- Medical clinic and sharing the gospel open air style! J

Sunday- I just typed dunday by accident- I’m not sure if that was a goof or not.  CHURCH SERVICES

Monday- Leave PAP in the afternoon and arrive State side.  We will be overnighting in New Jersey.

Tuesday- HOME SWEET HOME!  GR-10:30am.
You are a vital part of our team!  I hope to write updates at night if possible.  Love to you all.

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