Last weekend I was in Texas visiting my family for my Dad’s 70th birthday.
From the moment I got off the airplane (solo-Thank you so much to my mom in law-Karen and Mike for holding down the fort) it was a whirlwind of activity and surprises.
One of the things on the agenda was a portrait with my siblings. 🙂
From the top, Me (preggo), Lisa, and Casey, and on the bottom on the left Tommy and Gary.
It was the first time we had been all together in over 15 years. WOW.

I wish I could put into words how much God taught me on this trip to visit my family. But right now, words just fail me. I realized that God is working MUCH MORE in each of our lives, in separate places, occupations, even states and stages of life-than I have given Him credit for.

I am not the authority of what growth should look like in my family members lives.

If I were, I would be a biased judge of character and a short sighted planner of things to come. And what I need to say is that I am banking on God. He is so good, He loves my family and He is working in all of us.

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