Watching the news right now leaves me with this sinking feeling. I reel as I mull over tragedy that I can’t begin to process. My thirty year old eyes have beheld devastation that I scarcely knew existed in the past and surely could not occur at the dawn of a new decade. Bodies being transported by loader and dump truck, wrapped in sheets and anonymously pit buried outside a city in ruins. That which is too graphic for television now broadcast for the world to see during prime time. They can’t edit out or sterilize the story. It. is. that. bad.

And as I have wondered as I stood outside an orphanage in Kostrama, Russia, or as I beheld the immense poverty of Guatemala, I wonder again, how my “safe God”, the one I adore, has let this disaster through His Hand.

Just typing those words feels like a violation of relationship.

Dare I question the One who holds the stars.

Something I am learning in the midst of processing something I can’t comprehend, is that my God is not sitting by. He is working actively, saving, drawing, comforting, calling a people to Himself. He is busy moving a complacent people (a complacent me?) off the Add Imagecouch to love my neighbor. Serve. Give. And more than anything, pray.

We’ve chosen one place to give to broken Haiti so far. Orphans and their plight, our adoption, and God’s heart for the fatherless, leave us haunted by the increase this tragedy will leave. Our prayer is that God will meet the needs of the Haitian orphans through us and that red tape will be cut to bring children to homes that will love them and raise them to know the Lover of the their souls.

To learn more about The Global Orphan Project click

And to my precious Maker, I trust you with their lives and mine.

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