i am: a Christ follower.
i think: in corollaries. All the time.

i know: I should eat breakfast. But I don’t like it and probably never will.

i want: to learn Greek.

i have: been to Russia, Guatemala, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and the US Virgin Islands.

i wish: I didn’t put my foot in my mouth all the time. its called discretion.

i hate: lying.

i miss: my mom.

i fear: failure.

i feel: moved by music and scripture.

i hear: pretzels rattling in little bowls. And Lexie Beth jabbering.

i smell: fall air.

i crave: meaningful conversation. and moments

i search: for ways to tell my kids I love them without using words.

i wonder: if my generation will see Christ’s return in the clouds.

i regret: , but I know that in my darkest place, Christ is able to shine the brightest. But by the grace of God.

i love: holding Mike’s hand. and Starbucks. and Borders by Watertower Place. I LOVE that Borders. As a matter of fact, I would love to hold Mike’s hand and a Starbucks and be in Borders at Watertower…..

i ache: when I think about a certain little boy in Russia. Who isn’t a little boy anymore. He’s probably 17.

i care: about what people think.

i always: want to be in love with Jesus.

i am not: going to like the smell of peanut butter. EVER.

i believe: in my kids. and that Jesus is the way.

i dance: with my kids. Every. day.

i sing: and like harmony. I miss it often. But I always try.

i don’t always: buy things when I have money in my wallet. Even though my dad says a dollar burns a hole in my pocket.

i fight: when I’m hurt.

i write: and want it to mean something.

i win: every time Gabi says a new word. or an old word the right way. and every time she says, “I wuv you, Mama.”

i lose: sleep over things that rarely are deserving.

i never: want to visit Antarctica.

i confuse: having to work late with wanting to work late. Poor Mike.

i listen: to David Crowder Band. Almost every day.

i can usually be found: with a coffee cup in hand.

i am scared: of poverty. And of falling down the stairs

i need: more of Jesus. More of Him in me.

i am happy about: fall coming and pumpkin spice candles and applesauce. And that Lexie Beth is walking.

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