This summer has been filled to the brim with activity. Gone are the days of wishing fall would come quickly. Actually air conditioning flipped on a few of these nights has probably helped that nice summer sentiment along.

Anyhow. This summer we’ve made several little “staycations” as GMA would say. Our favorite daytrip so far this summer could quite possibly be our trip to the zoo. The John Ball Zoo in GR is a drive, but when we squeeze my good friend Jenny, and her two boys in our van, the drive melted away. Nothing like a good friend to pass away the miles.

Her oldest son is a month older than Brendan. They would actually have been born even closer if her son, Rece, hadn’t been a preemie. He’s the cutie on the back of the camel.

This camel ride was a HUGE experience for my kids. Brendan and Gabi took their money up to the people at the zoo. Alone! Climbed right up on that camel. Alone! And the three buds took off on the short (1/10 of a mile, maybe?) ride. It was a fabulous sight.

No elephants at this zoo, but the kids really liked seeing the monkeys.
We are busy making memories this summer and exploring with everything we’ve got. What are you doing this summer?

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