There have been a few big storms around us lately. HUGE thunderstorms that have brought much thunder and lightning. The kids have pretty much taken it all in stride, but occasionally they look at us with these terrified looks. I have to tell you that occasionally the “bangs” take me by surprise as well.

Brendan asked me why there had to be thunder and I needed a minute to figure out whether to go “all scientific” or go “spiritual.” I believe wholeheartedly in teachable moments. And rarely back down from a chance to teach the kids about the Lord, but I confess, scientific and spiritual were out of my realm as far as lightening is concerned.

I like to think that I have God figured out. That he is safe and predictable and warm and fuzzy. He’s the blue rabbit I tuck under my arm to sleep with every night. The invisible friend I talk to throughout the day. The one who gives me clothes to wear and food to eat. And HE IS all that.


When I hear thunder, I am instantly struck by how mighty God is….think of that power…the magnificence of the display. He shakes the mountains. He lights the plains. God stirs the waters and charges the air. He is UNTAMABLE. Unshakable. Unstoppable.

Praise you, Father. Praise you.

So, I told Brendan that it was just God showing off for us. That seemed to satisfy him. For now.

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