Finally! A few pictures of Gabi’s Ice cream Birthday Party!

We just did ice cream this year. I don’t know how many different cakes we’ve made and decorated to a theme, but this year I threw caution to the wind and just had ice cream!
I love this picture (thanks, Karen!) of Mike thanking and asking God for HIS blessing on Gabi’s life. She is such a treasure.

I found the ice cream bowl idea in this month’s Taste of Home magazine. I bought waffle bowls and dipped them in chocolate. Then the kids and I used coconut, chocolate chips, or sprinkles to decorate them.

My helpers loved EVERY minute of the project, though my hardwoods were covered in sprinkles.

And finally, the set table with all the toppings. What fun! I’m holding court in the background with Gabi. She kept saying, “I tew!” I just got her to say two in time for her third birthday. Oh’ well.
It was such a great time. And relatively inexpensive as parties go. What an extra blessing!

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